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Omaha Recycling Guide

Aluminum Trays & Pans

Not Accepted

M Aluminum Trays

DO NOT place this item in a City of Omaha curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

Place aluminum bakeware in the garbage if it cannot be reused.

M Aluminum Trays

Ways to Reduce or Reuse

Reduce waste by cooking with reusable, washable dishes instead of disposable bakeware.

Reuse clean, disposable tins in creative ways around the house. For example, as a container for planting garden seedlings, or as a drawer-organizing tray.

Did You Know

Aluminum baking tins are often too contaminated to recycle. Even if clean, they are made with a metal alloy that is not easily recycled through traditional methods. This item should be reused or placed in the garbage.