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Omaha Recycling Guide

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M Aerosol Can Group PL Air Pillows Bubble Wrap2 B Batteries Alkaline PL Plastic Bubble Mailer M Aluminum Cans M Aluminum Foil 3 M Aluminum Takeout 2 M Aluminum Trays Appliances Stove Artificial Christmas Tree MISC Artificial Flowers Auto Batteries HA Auto Fluids HA Auto Parts PC Beverage Soup Cartons Bicycle 2 HA Bike Tube MISC Binder PL Blister Pack PA Blueprints sq MISC Box Wine PL Bread Bag HA Bricks B Button Cell Battery PL Candy Wrapper M Canning Lids MISC Child Car Seat sq PC Cardboard Box Flooring Carpet opt Cassette Tapes MISC CD Disc E Cellphone PL Cellophane Wrap PL Cereal Box Liner FWC Compostable Products PL Chip Snack Bag PC Cigarette Pack MISC Clothing Jeans PL Coffee Package FWC Coffee Grounds MISC Coffee Pod MISC cold packs LB Compact Flourescent FWC Compostable Take Out E Laptop HA Concrete PL Condiment Packets MISC Cork MH Cotton swabs and wipes MISC Craft Glue PL Floss MH Deodorant Tube1 MH Diaper G Ceramic Bowl MH Latex Gloves G Glasses Jar PL Dry Cleaning Plastic MISC CD DVD with Cases MISC Paper Egg Carton E Electronic Toys group E Accessories Group1 MH Face Mask PC Face Tissue2 PC Paper Folders HA Fire Extinguisher LB Flourescent Tube Foam Cooler opt PL Foam Takeout PL Foam Insert PL Foam Packing Peanut M Food Cans FWC Food Scrap PL Frozen Food Bag2 PC Frozen Food Box PC Pizza Box Insert HA Furnace Filter Furniture Chair Garden Hose PC Gift Bag Box PC Tissue Paper PC Gift Wrap G Candle Jar GL Glass Food Storage G Bottles Jars glass makeup jar GL Glass Mini Bottle G Vase PL Granola Bar Wrapper PC Card LB Halogen Bulb PC Hardcover Books3 B Hearing Aid Battery W Package Propane Tank MH Home Test Kits Household Fixtures Sink LB Incandescent CC Industrial Glues E Ink Cartridge PL Snack Pouch PC Junk Mail Group2 PC Paper Cardboard Envelopes MISC Latex Balloon PT Empty Paint Can Plastic Water Base Paint Container LB LED Bulb M License Plate MISC Bic Lighter PC Magazines Mattresses PL Meat Tray PL Medicines M Bottle Cap MISC Metal Hanger M Food Cans Pinched W Lids PL Microwave or Frozen Meal Tray2 PL Milk2 GL Mirrors PL Clamshell Packaging Empty MISC Musical Greeting Card PL Mylar Balloon Sharps PL Newspaper Sleeve PC Newspaper PT Oil Paint Chemicals Oil Base Plastic Container CROSSOUT MH Ointmentand Squeeze Tubes Group MH Padsand Hygiene Products2 Pane Glass PC Paper Bag PC Paper Coffee Cup PC Paper Cups PC Paper Bubble Mailer PC Envelope Plastic Window PC Ice Cream Carton PC Napikins PC Paper Plate Bowl PC Paper Takeout Container1 PC Paper Towel And Core PC Recyclable Mailer3 PC Paperback Books PC Paperboard Cereal Box PC Parchment Paper PL Pet Food Bag Photographs MH Pill Bottle Group PC Pizza Box Clean PL Plastic Bag PL Plastic Bottle Plastic Bucket PL Case Wrap CC Cleaning Product Containers PL Plastic Cling Wrap MISC Plastic Hangers PL Cooking Oil Bottle PL Plastic Cup2 PL Food Packaging2 PL Food Storage Bags Group PL Food Storage PL Insert Tray PL Food Tubs CC Lawn Chemicals PL Plastic Bottle MH Makeup Tubes PL Mesh Poly Bag PL Mini Plastic Bottles PL Plastic Plate PL Plastic Pots PL Produce Container Set PL Pump Spray Top Bottle PL Plastic Silverware PL Straws MISC Sunglasses PL Plastic Takeout Container Black PL Tape Dispensers MH Toothbrush PL Plastic Toy Eggs PL Plastic Jugs PC Popcorn Bag G Porcelain Ceramics M Pots and Pans PL Salad Bag PL Mesh Bags Netting G Pyrex Corningware Real Christmas Tree PC Receipt B Batteries Rechargeable PL Recycling Bags MISC Rubber Band PC School Office Paper Note Pad Scrap Metal MISC Shoes2 MISC Shower Curtain PC Shredded Paper MISC Silicone Pouches MISC Silicone Products PL Six Pack Rings PC Food Canister PT Oil Paint Chemicals PC Spiral Notebook PT Spray Paint Aerosol GL Stained Glass PC Stickers2 PC Post It Note MISC String Lights 2 E Ipad FWC Tea Bag MH Thermometer Tires PC Toilet Paper And Core PL Toiletry Bottles PL Toothpaste MISC Toys E TV PL Tyvek Envelope VHS Tapes MISC Water Filter PC Wax Paper MH Wet Wipes MISC Wood Hanger Yardwaste Item PL Yogurt